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Small Group Coaching

We could all use a little extra support to stay motivated. I wanted to offer a more accessible option for folks to get the support they need without breaking the bank. If you're feeling particularly isolated and would enjoy working in the company of others, then group mentoring might be the right fit for you.

2-Hours, Twice a Week

My new small group sessions meet at least twice a week, for 2-hours per session. You can attend as many sessions each month as needed. Current offerings are listed below, and all times listed in PST - Pacific Standard Time.

  • Mondays, 9am to 11am (PST)

  • Wednesdays, 9am to 11am (PST)

Group Session Format

  • Daily Check-in -- We open the session by going around the room to share our goals for the day. We split time evenly with everyone in the group; each person has 10 minutes to check-in. Small groups are limited to 6 participants per session.

  • Body-doubling -- The remaining time is used for body-doubling;  we usually work in 20-minute or 50-minute Pomodoro work-blocks, with a 10-minute group check-in at the top of every block. Then we all go on mute and focus on our own work.

  • Neurodivergent Support (ADHD/ASD) -- Bring a specific challenge to the group and we will create an action plan together.

  • Accountability  -- We're here to support you in achieving your goals! Share your progress and celebrate milestones with fellow creatives.​

Sign-up NOW!

Pricing: $100/30-days

Start at any time during the month. Once you join, you’ll have access to all group sessions for the next 30 days. That's 4 hours of support each week for only $25!

PayPal Subscription

Payments are collected through a PayPal subscription plan. You have control over the subscription and can pause or stop the recurring payment at any time. This is a mutual partnership. Either the Client or the Coach may terminate this Agreement at any time. There will be no judgment and no questions asked.



Cancellation and Refund Policy

Your payment includes a non-refundable 10% deposit. The coach will pause your subscription if you "no​-show" (fail to attend) small group coaching sessions for two or more weeks. Refunds are issued as follows: • 90% Refund if you attended zero sessions since payment. • 65% Refund if you attended one session since payment. • 40% Refund if you attended two sessions since payment. • No refund if you attended three or more sessions since payment.


What if I cannot attend all of the scheduled sessions each week?

It is up to you to decide, whether or not you are getting the most "bang for your buck"! Please remember that I offer this program at a fraction of my full price - charging roughly $6.25 an hour, per person. While I will do my best to meet the group's schedule requirements, I cannot always accomodate each individual's needs.


Can I arrive late?

You are welcome to join at anytime for the benefits of body-doubling, however you will forgo the Daily Check-in at the top of our session. When joining late, please mute your microphone on entry to be respectful of the group, and wait until our next break to introduce yourself.


Can I use my 10-minute check-in to speak with you one-on-one (i.e. in a Zoom breakout room)?

The intention of Small Group Coaching is to share openly with the group and learn from each other. This allows us to co-create a nurturing and supportive environment. If you need more one-on-one guidance, please book a stand-alone coaching session so that you can get the time and attention you need to succeed.


How many participants can I expect in each session?

Space is limited to 6 participants per session to ensure personalized attention each week. This time can be used to showcase what you are working on, receive guidance in your process, or get feedback on your current project(s). There can be occassions where you are the only attendee of the day. No matter the size, we still limit Daily Check-in time to 10-minutes per person.

The Pragmatic Artist is committed to providing a welcoming and respectful environment for all participants, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, physical appearance, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, and/or religion. ATTENTION: The code of conduct is a living document and is subject to change periodically.


Where's the Zoom link?

You will recieve a welcome packet after you subscribe through PayPal (button above) which includes the Coaching Agreement, Code of Conduct, and subscribes you to weekly reminder emails with the Zoom meeting invite link. You are responsible for managing your own calendar and daily reminders to take advantage of this service.


Additional Questions or Concerns?

This is a NEW service, and we're figuring it out as we go. If you have additional questions or concerns, not addressed here, please reach out to me directly or through the contact page for clarification. Thanks! ~Rachel

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