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If you are ready to connect then I invite you to book a free consultation, via Zoom video conferencing. This call gives us a chance to see if we would make a good fit and determine what kind of support best suits your unique needs.

creatives, let's meet up!

fellow mental health practitioners


Many clients I see are unpacking a lifetime of trauma -- well above my "pay grade" and certainly require care outside of my coaching skill set -- I love to refer folks to therapists I know and trust, within my network. I'm always looking to expand my network and connect with mental health practitioners around the US, who appreciate the unique challenges that creatives and ADHDers/ASDers face in their day-to-day lives. Please message me in the contant form below and let's setup some time to meet and see how we can best support each other in helping artists heal and thrive.


Thanks for reaching out, I'm happy to connect with you and answer any questions and concerns.

Thanks for contacting me! I'll return your messages shortly.

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