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10 Sneaky Signs of PERFECTIONISM

What does PERFECTIONISM look like in your world?

Below are 10 Sneaky ways PERFECTIONISM creeps into our creative practice…

#1 Needing the Environment to be “JUST RIGHT”

For example, needing complete silence or a specific type of lighting. While it’s important to have a comfortable workspace, perfectionism may take this to an extreme and make us rigid in our requirements.

#2 Overly Reliant on RITUALS

Rituals are great for getting us into a creative mindset! This can include lighting candles, meditating, or listening to a particular song. Unfortunately, sometimes we may become overly reliant and feel like we can’t work without it.


Ever catch yourself waiting for that elusive burst of motivation to strike? Struggling to connect with your inspiration? Me too! It’s easy to forget that often, Action comes before Motivation. Consistency of practice, over quality, is the key to success.

#4 Planning, planning, & OVER-PLANNING

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on planning and organizing our creative projects, often to the point of overthinking! This can be very overwhelming and prevent us from actually starting the project, or being spontaneous and open to new ideas.

#5 Difficulty with IMPROVISATION

Perfectionism can cause us to struggle with improvisation, or “going with the flow,” when things aren’t going according to plan. Uncertainty can become very uncomfortable. While it’s preferable to have a clear plan, sometimes we just need to take a step back and regroup!

#6 Unrealistic EXPECTATIONS

Perfectionism sets impossibly high standards that hinder learning through trial and error. Embrace experimentation and failure as part of the creative process to approach each project with an open mindset.

#7 Inability to make DECISIONS

Indecision can trap us when we’re afraid of making the “wrong” choice. Over-analyzing and second-guessing can hinder progress and lower self-confidence. Break free from this cycle; clarify your goals, weigh options, take risks, and trust your instincts.

#8 Hiding behind RESEARCH

Don’t delay starting a new project with endless research and information gathering. Remember, not all challenges can be anticipated and solutions often emerge as we work. Trust the process and focus on the first step, rather than trying to have all the answers upfront.

#9 Focused on the END RESULT

It’s easy to lose sight of the journey if we’re too focused on results. This can make it difficult for us to enjoy the creative process and can lead to burnout. For greater fulfillment in the experience of creating take time to clarify intentions, reconnect with your values, practice mindfulness, and cultivate curiosity.

#10 Fear of SHARING WORK

Fear of exposure, rejection, and criticism are very common and can be overcome with practice and support. Sharing work can lead to valuable feedback, growth, connection with our creative community, and help us to develop confidence over time.

How else does PERFECTIONISM creep into YOUR creative practice?


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