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Hey Creatives and Makers!

Get the one-on-one support you need to lead a multidiciplinary life!

about me

Hey, my name is Rachel (she/they) and I am a queer freelance maker and creative coach based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Nature enthusiast, maker, painter, fabricator, hacker, sculptor, digital modeler, cat mom, lifetime learner, and ASD/ADHDer. 



After six years in software development, I took a leap of faith and quit my video-game programming gig to go back to school for art and animation. Through pragmatism, hard work, persistence, and my "don't be a dick" mantra, I realized my dreams and found my way into paid full-time work in stop-motion in 2013. Once inside, I have continued to build my portfolio of skills and work in various departments, including puppet and scenic painting, puppet fabrication, rapid prototyping (3D print shop), set dressing, and prop fabrication.

Portfolio of my work in stop-motion is available here:

My Mission

My mission is to bring the open-source mentality of software development to reduce gatekeeping in the creative world! And to empower others to pursue their creative dreams, fulfill their artistic potential, and live a well-rounded life.

I firmly believe that WE ALL benefit when everyone is given equitable resources and opportunities to succeed. And I readily share everything I have learned with anyone that cares to listen!


mentoring and coaching


I follow a holistic approach to building a strong foundational life that supports your creative ambitions. A strong foundation includes home environment, relationships, nutrition, exercise, sleep, support network, life visioning, and much more! Working together, we can discover and leverage your strengths and better understand how to accommodate your unique support needs. Creating a customized action plan to map your journey.

Neurodivergent Specialization

Have you ever struggled with poor time management, emotional overwhelm, impulsivity, time blindness, brain fog, lack of focus, hyper-focus, procrastination, or a messy and disorganized environment? As a fellow ADHDer, this intersection is near and dear to my heart.


I have specialized training through ADDCA - The ADD Coaching Academy to better guide you.


You don't need to have a formal diagnosis to work with me; self-assessment is valid. Nor do you need to self-identify as an ASD/ADHD type to benefit from my services and resources.


I offer a free consultation, via Zoom video conferencing, to all potential clients. This call gives us a chance to see if we would make a good fit and determine what kind of support best suits your unique needs.

focus areas

Woman Painting
Neurodivergent Coaching

Leveraging your unique strengths we will work together to build a sustainable, individualized plan with strategies and habits that support you in fulfilling your potential.


Topics include:

  • Shame reduction

  • Executive functioning

  • Strength assessment

  • Identifying support needs

  • Establishing strong foundations and habits

  • Cultivate a habit of completion

  • "Burn out" Recovery

Crafts Supplies
Multidiscipline Mentoring

I have over 15+ years of industry experience in art and STEM; from video-game software developer, CG modeling, painter, sculptor, to stop-motion animation and fabrication.


All levels are welcome!


Topics include:

  • Pathfinding in a multidiciplinary career

  • Specialized fabrication techniques

  • Finding your artistic voice

  • Portfolio direction

  • Film and video-game production pipeline

Young Female Artist
Coaching Major Life Changes

We all need a little support from time to time, and often it's difficult to determine what would be most helpful. Whatever you are struggling with, I am here to talk!

Some examples:

  • Navigating career transition

  • Working through creative-blocks

  • Build a sustainable creative practice

  • "Burn out" Recovery

  • Entrepreneurship and starting a business

  • Assisting college graduates to create structure and find work


no contracts / prepaid packages

Pay as you go, and come and go as you please! Typically I work with clients every week, for 3 to 6 months. This is the average time it takes for me to impart everything I've learned about personal transformation and self-coaching. My intention is to coach myself out of a job! I want you to walk away with all of the tools you need to coach yourself. After this, clients often opt to meet every other week or even just once a month for ongoing support.


I offer a free consultation, via Zoom video conferencing, to all potential clients. This call gives us a chance to see if we would make a good fit and determine what kind of support best suits your unique needs.

flat rates

1-on-1 Coaching Rates

My rate structure is SUPER SIMPLE:

  • 1-hour coaching session - $125

  • 1.5-hour coaching session - $150

Sliding Scale

By paying my full rate, you help make it possible for me to support folks in need of assistance. Currently, I have two sliding scale spots open at $85 and $100 per week. If you are currently unemployed or experiencing financial hardship and would like to temporarily use one of these spots, please email to let me know, and I will send you the appropriate PayPal link.

All sessions are conducted either by phone or via video conferencing using Zoom. You do not need to purchase Zoom to use it, you only need your internet browsing device with a web camera and microphone.

Payments + Refunds

Payments are made 24 hours prior to each session or can be billed automatically on a monthly basis. You decide what works best for you. You may cancel your upcoming or recurring sessions at any time, simply send me an email with written notice at least 24 hours prior to our next session, and I will fully refund you for any unused sessions. 

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