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Group Mentoring/Coaching

We could all use a little extra support to stay motivated while working from home during Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is the primary reason I am offering small group workshops, to help get everyone the support they need without breaking the bank. If you are feeling particularly isolated and would enjoy working in the company of others, then group mentoring might be the right fit for you.

Workshop Goals

THE primary goal of this program is to get you working on your art again! The secondary goal is to help you find clarity in your career path and to build a portfolio that is in line with your ambitions.

Small group size

Space is limited to ensure that each participant gets 15 to 20-minutes of personalized attention each week. This time can be used to showcase what you are working on, receive guidance in your process, get feedback on your current project, etc..

Weekly Format
  • 10-minutes -- Reviewing last week's exercises

  • 20-minutes -- Introduce new discussion topics

  • 80-minutes -- Individualized project/portfolio review

  • 15-minutes -- Exercise handouts + Q&A

Outline of Discussion Topics

During this four-week online workshop, we will co-create the day-to-day systems necessary for building a fulfilling and sustainable creative practice. Each week I will introduce new discussion topics, share with you what I have learned in my own journey, and help you to find your own unique strategies.

Nov. 21st -- Week 1: Career Visioning

  • Clarify career goals and intentions that inspire you

  • Understanding SMART Goal setting

  • Mapping a realistic path/timeline

  • Portfolio direction and focus

  • Inventory of skills and progression path

Nov. 28th -- Week 2: Creating a Plan of Action

  • Journaling (note-taking, mind mapping, brain dump, check-ins, to-do lists)

  • Project planning formula

  • Task breakdown (action lists, prioritizing, structure, schedule)

  • Time management (estimate, time and motion study, etc...)

  • "My Ideal Workweek", healthy day-to-day routines and habits

Dec. 5th -- Week 3: Maintaining Momentum

  • Clarify motivation and interest (artist statement, influences, character strengths)

  • Understanding procrastination, overwhelm, and burnout

  • Quieting the "Inner Critic", healing negative self talk

  • Creating your "Stay Inspired" plan

  • Instituting self-check-ins

Dec. 12th -- Week 4: Building Your Community

  • Looking for work (cover letters, resume/cv, portfolio)

  • Finding support and resources (classes, teachers, local groups, tools, etc...)

  • Why "Networking" feels so yucky

  • Social circle inventory, environment matters!

  • Growing your community organically

What you'll receive
Each week you will be given a set of exercises to do over the week. These are tried and true tools that I use in my own creative practice on a weekly basis. 
  • Developing a realistic path for yourself
  • Project breakdown worksheets
  • Working with negative self-talk
  • Designing healthy creative practice
  • And more...

Jumpstart those personal projects you've been sitting on and solidify your professional portfolio. Get accountability, structure, and support for your creative ambitions. Receive guidance and critique on building a well-rounded portfolio. Join a community of like-minded artists.